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With the globalization of markets, the legal environment has become more complex

Therefore it is essential to have a global vision when seeking solutions to cross jurisdictional legal issues. Because of its approach and international organization, PLG is the ideal solution to multi-jurisdictional legal business requirements.

PLG offers the ideal alternative to the big global law firms.

Through its network of independent medium-sized  law firms, it has all the benefits of a big global firm, while giving clients the advantage of working with traditional firms in which partners still keep the personal contact and relationship with their clients.

PLG provides clients of member firms with a very rapid response of service as the needs of clients of other PLG member  firms are always treated with the utmost importance, urgency and respect.  PLG has recently established a 4 country legal team to carry out a due diligence exercise on 48 hours' notice in a data room located in one country only and produced a due diligence report within the same week.  Other successful projects  have been multi-jurisdictional reports and analysis of issues arising in several jurisdictions such as data protection treatment, internet trading issues and terms and conditions, the regulation of commercial agents and distributors and multi-jurisdictional insolvency or bankruptcy matters.


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Membership of PLG embodies the spirit of great friendship and excellent business relations all over the world.

For these reasons, firms have joined in membership with PLG by invitation from PLG, usually following the recommendation of one or more existing members.

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